De terroirs van Romagna

Romagna, a land made of beautiful hills stretching up to the Adriatic sea, with its charming, old villages brimming with history and art; Romagna,with its wineries, breathtaking hikes and unique landscapes – was made to be enjoyed! All of this is set in the wonderful natural landscape of the Apennines mountains, between Tuscany and the Adriatic Sea, where the most popular, Italian red wine is produced – Sangiovese.

Romagna: homeland of Pellegrino Artusi, father of modern Italian cuisine; leading territory in agricultural and food production, epicenter to important Italian culinary traditions like Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, Nettarina di Romagna and “Tagliatelle al ragù” – the perfect Sangiovese pairing according to local traditions. The region stretches along the Via Emilia, one of the oldest main roads of the Western Roman Empire, dated 1st century AD. In Rimini tourists can walk on the 2000 yearold Tiberius Bridge, while in Ravenna, visitors are welcomed by stunning 4th century AD Byzantine mosaics. People from Romagna devote all their attention and passion to their work. This is the result of a millenary culture based on a strong know-how and proven work ethic. It is not by coincidence that Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati were developed and continue to be produced here, thanks to painstaking, hard work.

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